Surname Variants

There are many reports about name changes and alternative spellings.

Please send me your comments. I shall update this list as information becomes available.


  • Wardwell changed to Wardell in the 1700s -- see Massachusetts and The Salem Witch Trials 1692
  • Wardle
  • Wadle See: The Clan Wadle
  • Waddell See: Waddell Queries
  • Wadell
  • Wardale
  • Wardall
  • Waddle
  • Wardal (see Northumberland line)

Comments & Feedback

Hugh Ainsley writes:


I can confirm both the ones to which you refer, along with the probables WADELL and WARDALE, both of which I have seen in WARDELL areas, without checking on them.


WARDLE and WARDALL are definite alternatives in my own tree, and there is a WADDELL in the same village and I am certain of the same family. Remember that spelling was - should we say - an optional extra for our ancestors - we are well advised ro record virtually anything thats similar, because it may have got spelt or recorded wrong - and also remember the effect of say a broad Geordie accent on things - they can change rather drastically!

Tammy Wardell-Mattingly writes:


My family name has gone through a series of name mutations through one generation alone.....My grandfather was born Isom Logan Waddle in 1895 (1900 census records show this spelling in Hart County,Kentucky). Somewhere during his life he changed the name to Logan James Waddell....when he divorced his 1st wife he took on the Wardell last name.. My grandfather died in dec of 1945 in Kenton County,Ky and was buried under the name of Logan James Wardell. (death record can be verified in the Kentucky vital Records) My father was born Norris Doll Waddell...when he entered grade school he entered under the name of Dallas N. father had even obtained a social security card under this name...with 4 other siblings only one of them still carries the Waddell surname...However im still proud even though its not through a lineage anywhere to be a Wardell.....Sincerely,

Tammy Wardell-Mattingly