Some Success Stories

When they happen, please tell me. They'll be recorded here.

Pat Adamson (formerly Boothby neé Wardell) wrote on Mon, 7 Feb 2000:

hello I believe we are related I have just found your success story on Charles Wardells site. Edward was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather too!! Here I get a bit confused as My Edward (1758-1847) was married to Ann Major (1769-1858) married at Burton Fleming 12th Jan 1789 emigrated 1819 . . .


Oh I have so many Questions!!!!

I only decided to start researching my family tree in January and it is addictive. Have you got any Dates for Francis? all I have is that he was married at Reighton on February 14th 1715 (romantic lot!!) to Mary Vickerman b.1695. I think her parents were Thomas Vickerman and Elizabeth Thompson.


All these Wardells seem to have plenty of children My G.Grandfather was one of Twenty Two!!!so it is so interesting.
Hope you have some info for me on the USA Wardells.

Pat Adamson (formerly Boothby) neé Wardell
from Somerset England

Ted Baird wrote on Tue, 30 Mar 1999:


I came across your pages and was thrilled to find a direct link to your research. I live near Daleville Pennsylvania USA. Daleville was first settled by Edward Wardell around 1819. He came across the ocean with David Dale---Davids son was the first postmaster-hence the towns name. Edward was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. He was married to Elizabeth Major and came here as a 61 year old man with his two younger children ---several older children remained in England. Edwards father was Thomas Wardell and his mother was Mary Hopper. Thomas was the son of Frances Wardell and Mary Vickerman. I would gladly add to your pages if you tell me what you would want and I would also appreciate any family details not contained in your pages (I've bookmarked the page and look forward to adding the info to my own FTM program.

Sincerely Ted Baird----a distant cousin by birth and miles


Don Holzworth wrote on Tue, 2 Feb 1999:


I've already gotten email from another Wardell who came from the New Jersey line. She had some information I didn't have about some spouses and much information from where our lines diverged 150 years (or so) ago. She sent me a text file with her information.